Sagent’s expert team will take care of your financial and operational functions. So you can concentrate on growing your business.

We will deliver a customized, scalable and comprehensive suite of backbone services; starting from bookkeeping through to high-level CFO services.

The benefit of working with Sagent extends far beyond being cost-effective. With our financial management expertise, broad ecosystem knowledge and extensive network, your company will not only achieve its goals – you will exceed them.


CFO Services

  • Strategy – on-going meetings and strategic CEO guidance on business & financial strategy, from early stage through timing & process of fundraising, through to well-established operations.
  • Fundraising – strategy, support & introductions to our extensive, worldwide network.
  • Business plan – close collaboration with the CEO on preparation & monitoring of the company’s business plan & financial projections.
  • Budget – management of the company budget.
  • Cash Management – day-to-day management.
  • VCs – on-going interfacing with VCs and other investors.
  • Board meetings – preparation for Board meetings and participation as required.
  • Revenue & Pricing Model – prepare and participate in commercial processes.
  • Cost Reduction – expert management & negotiation of all business contracts (vendors, banks, tax authorities, etc.) through Sagent’s extensive network
  • Operations Infrastructure – establishment of the billing system and definition and implementation of the company’s SLAs to support the company’s business requirements.
  • Finance & Operations – establish departments.
  • Policies & Procedures – establishment of the company’s policies & procedures, including employee guidelines, travels, purchasing & payments.
  • Employee Contract Management – management of all employment and related contracts, including benefits plan, ESOP and retention plan.
  • Insurance – day-to-day management of all insurance-related aspects.
  • Due Diligence – supporting the due diligence process with VCs and strategic investors.
  • ERP – assist & support the process of computerizing & standardizing the accounting system to comply with company needs and business requirements.

Accounting Services

  • Company Budget – preparation, implementation & monitoring of the company budget.
  • Financial reports – preparation of monthly, quarterly, yearly reports; P&L, Budget vs. Actual, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.
  • Fiscal Year – management & preparation of the year-end reports; financial statements & related reports for audit processes.
  • Cash Flow – monitoring & reporting of cash flow (monthly burn).
  • Board Meetings – preparation of financial packages.
  • Billing & Purchasing – management of customers’ billing process and control & implementation of the company’s purchasing procedures.
  • Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) Reports – prepare reports.
  • Stock Options – administration & preparation of relevant reports to the trustee firm and to the company’s auditors.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

  • Financial records – upkeep of records of every financial transaction of the business.
  • Accounts Receivable – invoicing customers, receiving & trucking payments.
  • Accounts Payable – implementation of the company’s purchasing procedure & preparation of payment report.
  • Fixed Assets – management & control of the company’s fixed assets and cumulative depreciation calculations & records.
  • Bank Accounts & Credit cards – reconciliation of bank accounts and balancing of the company’s books.
  • Salary Slips – preparation of monthly salary slips.
  • Social Benefits, Income Tax & Social Security – preparation & submission of monthly reports and processing of relevant payments.


Tax Compliance

  • Income Tax – services for individuals, partnerships and corporations include income tax compliance (1040s, 1120s, 1065s and more), accounting for income tax preparation, state & local taxes, tax audit defense and tax consulting (e.g. 382 study, nexus study, transfer pricing). We also provide customized income tax services.
  • Property Tax – prepare and file property taxes throughout all relevant jurisdictions. Services include advising clients on reporting obligations, defending filings in audit, negotiating settlements on assessed values and preparing 3rd party reports.
  • Sales & Use Tax – prepare and file sales & use taxes throughout all relevant jurisdictions. Services include preparing Nexus studies, determining client reporting obligations and establishing the proper policies and procedures to ensure that taxes are collected from customers, if relevant.
  • Franchise Tax – assist in the filing of Delaware franchise taxes, including the preparation & review of Delaware franchise tax filings and tax consulting to optimize Delaware franchise taxes.

International Tax Consulting

  • Corporate Worldwide Legal & Tax Structuring – enhance your global enterprise value by expanding operations in new countries and/or transferring assets to lower tax jurisdiction. Once established, Sagent will monitor and administer your structure, e.g. updating documents and agreements, reviewing workflow and for material participation and complying with international trade and tax laws.
  • Tax Credits & Attributes – optimize your tax credits and benefits while preparing the necessary documentation and workpapers. Make your tax position sustainable under audit.
  • Tax Analysis & Planning Assessment – compute and assess risks associated with the application of tax regulations. E.g. determine the amount of Net Operating Loss that can be taken under Internal Revenue Code Section 382, after a company experiences an ownership change.
  • Due Diligence & Tax Compliance – we will review all prepared tax documents and filings ranging from international to local levels, including your sales and use taxes, VAT, tariffs, social and payroll taxes, property taxes, business and city taxes, franchise taxes and tax liens. We also advise on U.S. GAAP-related disclosures and accounting regulations, FIN 48 reporting requirements and ASC 740 tax provisions and analyze your tax assets and liabilities.

Transfer Pricing

  • Transfer Pricing Planning – create a flexible transfer pricing strategy that is technically robust, based on economic analysis and provides easy implementation. Plan for every aspect of your multinational operation (e.g. R&D, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, after-sales services, etc.).
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation – satisfy the extensive provisions contained in Section 6662 of the Internal Revenue Code and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines. Ease your compliance burden and reduce the risks of transfer pricing. penalties.
  • Dispute Resolution – develop and deliver a well-planned audit defense.


Business Regulations & Operations

  • Business Registration/Deregistration – at the state, county, & local levels.
  • Tax Registration – for sales & use tax, property tax and income tax.
  • Federal Tax Identification Number – application & maintenance.
  • Audit Defense – regarding individual & corporate income tax, sales tax compliance.
  • Economic Reporting to Government Agencies – e.g. US, state census reporting.
  • State Annual Reports – filings for registered businesses.
  • Tax Notices – related to local business licenses or local business taxes.
  • Amendments – filings for mergers, new authorized stock issuance, new corporate name.
  • Insurance Policies – establish & manage insurance policies (umbrella, general liability, directors & officers, errors & omissions, property insurance.
  • Bank Accounts & Credit Cards – establish for company & employees.
  • Communications Plans – establish plans (e.g. cell phones) for employees.
  • Office Space Management – review of lease requirements, assist with purchase of office equipment, floor and space planning & interior design.
  • Employee Relocation – including salary equalization and corporate housing services.

Human Resources

  • Payroll – establish payroll provider and report semi-monthly payroll information.
  • Taxes – register withholding and unemployment accounts in new states. Review and handle notices received on federal and state levels.
  • Benefits – help establish group policies and provide benefit comparisons. Assist with open enrollment and enroll and terminate employees from coverage.
  • Retirement Plans – establish plans and remit contributions each pay period, and assist with annual non-discrimination testing and filing Form 5500.
  • Workers’ Compensation – set-up policy and assist with annual audits and claims, as needed.
  • Compliance – notify of any legal updates/developments and ensure compliance on federal and state levels.
  • Employee Relations – support employee on-boarding (e.g. create offer letters and new hire paperwork, enroll in company group benefits), employee terminations (e.g. create separation/severance agreements, assist with proper documentation and procedures), employee performance improvement plans, employee handbooks and general employee policies & procedures.


  • Compliance Opinions – provide Internal Revenue Code §409A valuations, purchase price allocations and intangible asset valuations. We value companies, divisions, subsidiaries, joint ventures, corporate tangible and intangible assets, investment portfolios and shares and options for stock compensation plans.
  • Transaction Opinions & Advisory – valuation of equity positions, intellectual property and corporate transactions (e.g. business sales, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructurings). We provide valuation, fairness and solvency opinions.
  • Financial Consulting – advise on pricing, equity allocation, securities design, strategic alternatives and asset valuation.
  • M&A / Divestiture – purchase price allocation, goodwill and other asset impairment, fresh start accounting, fair value reporting of investment portfolios and incentive compensation, opinions and “cheap stock” analysis

Advisory Services

  • Board Advisory – strategic advice to CEOs and Boards on business strategy, fundraising, capital structuring, revenue models, sales strategy, streamlining operations, industry benchmarking & best practices and more. We also support day-to-day execution to optimize all efforts & resources.
  • Due Diligence – for sell-side, we prepare & advise clients on potential exposures and questions to anticipate, as well as support data room management. For buy-side, we request, review and question data and company management for potential exposures across Accounting, Tax, HR, Contracts and IT.
  • Financial Planning & Analysis – we provide business plan modeling, dynamic revenue modeling, strategic & market analysis, economic loss/damage calculations and project financing. Our in-depth modeling, benchmarking and preparation of presentations and reporting packages often go to the Board and become financial targets.

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